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If you ever feel inclined to leave a comment in response to something you read here, you’re more than welcome to do so. In fact, if you can expand upon a given post with your comment or present an alternative argument (or simply say something relevant), I encourage it. Note, however, that while I don’t claim copyright over comments you submit, I do reserve the right to delete or withhold them from posting. In practice, this means your comments won’t be posted until I’ve reviewed them, and if I perceive them to to be rude or too unrelated to the topic at hand, they probably won’t get posted. In some cases, I’ll try contacting you to explain why I’m hesitant about posting them (mere spam not withstanding), and to suggest that you revise and then re-submit them. Note then that I won’t alter your comments either (except to later remove them, if you ask me to from your original eMail address), so either they’ll get posted–as they are–or they won’t. Again though, I welcome relevant comments, so, please don’t hesitate to submit yours.


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Although I like to see new essays as much as any reader does, the fact is that I don’t post on any regular schedule, and not necessarily even that often. I post whenever I feel like talking about something–as well as when I have the time to write about it–for it does take ideas and time to a write an essay of several hundred words with any quality. Note, therefore, that if you’d like to catch new essays without needlessly checking back all the time (or not checking back often enough), your best option is to follow me. This means simply clicking the “Follow” button and following the directions (located at the top of my blog if you’re a signed-in, user; in the bottom-right corner if you’re not), or else subscribing to either of my RSS feeds. Either way, of course your eMail address won’t be visible to other followers. As well, you can easily stop following at any time, if you should ever tire of receiving word of my posts.


I welcome your relevant comments; your personal information is always safe; and following is a great way to keep informed of my latest essays.

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