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Of all the “big” questions humanity has always faced, perhaps none is bigger than the mystery surrounding death. Indeed, the question of what happens to people when they die, if anything at all, has been speculated on quite persistently and earnestly throughout history. Even today, beliefs in some form of afterlife are prevalent, as are beliefs in a whole range of paranormal phenomena from ghosts and spirit communications, to past life memories, out-of-body experiences, and extrasensory perceptions. And some people even go so far as to live their lives in accordance with what they believe awaits them on the other side. Yet as understandable as this is, for a whole host of reasons based on the personal possibilities of a greater reality, the fact remains that we don’t know if one exists, and much less what it’s like if one does. In fact with a fairly simple analysis, I believe, we can be certain that such knowledge is extremely difficult for us to obtain, which only highlights that what we can definitely learn about are our lives, and not are deaths. Thus it would seem while we may be able to make some reasonable speculations about an afterlife, we should nonetheless avoid worrying about it too much, for we should focus on and live our lives for what we see they are, not by the largely speculative possibilities of what might lie beyond.

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It has been said before that reality may only exist within the mind. Over the centuries, philosophers have even questioned whether there’s a world external to people’s minds at all, or if everything we experience exists solely there. Yet even if we grant that part of reality exists externally to us all, it turns out that a large part of it nonetheless exists only internally, in our minds. In short, we rely on our senses to give us a description of the world, but the description we get is both an extension and limitation of what exists externally. For what gives rise to perceptions such as color and sound exists externally, but the colors and sounds themselves exist only in the mind.

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