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As the days grow cold and the nights grow long, it’s that time of year again. Families and individuals across the nation–and much of the world–are gearing up to celebrate, or else already have. It’s a time of joy and yet stress, of frantic paces and yet quite moments, and a time of remembrance, indeed, and yet of looking forward as well. Yet it’s also a time of some controversy, over the usual squabbles; whether the proper greeting is “Merry Christmas” or not–whether “Happy Holidays” is offensive or not–and how much or how little governments, businesses, and schools should adhere to given traditions. Such may colorfully be referred to as the “War on Christmas”; but despite the strong feelings often involved, perhaps there’s really very little we have to fret about. Such diverse holidays as Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Chinese New Year, Eid al-Fitr, and Kwanzaa do indeed represent divergent traditions, traditions that can’t be entirely reconciled. Perhaps there’s nonetheless a common thread throughout all our “winter” holidays though–a spirit of togetherness, love, and hope for the future–that’s really all that need matter to all of us outside of most traditions. The issue with public institutions is a bit more complicated, involving separation of church and state; private rights in public but privately-owned businesses; and cultural or secular traditions versus religious ones; but, even there, just accepting each others’ traditions needn’t be so hard. We need only to think of each other in the spirit of the season, and then whatever our own traditions or choices of greeting may be, speaking and listening with our hearts, we’ll surely have happy holidays for all.

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There are foods that are largely known and widely eaten, and then there’re foods that are no less enjoyed, yet far less common. Take, for instance, peanut butter sandwiches. Nearly everyone has had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but many other peanut butter sandwiches are out there as well, loved by those who know them, yet largely unknown to many others. Such is the case, for example, with peanut butter sandwiches that include banana, mayonnaise, or marshmallow creme, or even such diverse items as honey, bacon, pickles, tomato, and lettuce. These sandwiches appear to be regional in their appreciation–yet quite cherished within families, after having been passed down through generations–and this probably all came about as people began eating them for their cheap and readily-obtainable ingredients. The fact is, however, that not only are these “alternative” peanut butter sandwiches good, they continue to be simple and inexpensive snacks or meals, and, compared with many snack foods, they’re relatively nutritious too. Hence if you’re ever looking for something new to try, you just might want to give some of these sandwiches a shot–substituting almond or some other alternative nut butter if need be–taking part in a very special tradition in the process.

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